About Us

Who is FreeBitcoins247.com ?

FreeBitcoins247.com was founded in early 2013 in Canada by a small team of Bitcoin enthusists that had noticed that there was no trustworthy Free Bitcoin website. They decided to pool their resources together and create a clean safe experience for people to collect Free Bitcoins.

What is FreeBitcoins247.com ?

FreeBitcoins247.com is a Free Bitcoin niche site. We have compiled all the top Free Bitcoin websites into a comprehensive list that is updated weekly and trimmed to only allow the safest and highest paying bitcoin sites. We also provide you with reviews of sites that claim to give out Free Bitcoins, we fully investigate them and build a good profile to make sure they are worth your time to visit.

Why use FreeBitcoins247.com ?

You could visit other sites that offer you Free Bitcoins but you’d probably end up in an endless loop of ads and redirects. Most other Free Bitcoin sites are created by those that don’t have marketing experience or an eye for design. We’ve made sure to make your experience of getting Free Bitcoins our #1 priority.

Thanks from FreeBitcoins247.com!

We would like to personally thankyou for using our website and we hope that you share it with friends and family so that the power of Bitcoin can be spread across the world.